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Stan The Man Griffin is a Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist that is a well rounded vocalist with control and feeling. It is a rare thing this day and age to come across a vocalist that has such a smooth voice, and sings with a style that is timeless like the great vocalist he grew up listening to. Time and fate has brought Stan The Man to bless us in an era where the art of crooning has gone by the wayside. As you listen to Stanís ability to write and record, there is that sense of familiarity that youíve come to know and love from a gone by era. There is also a sense of elegance and class when you hear him sing, and he brings versatility in style going from vocal texture to vocal texture. He can croon and give you the uptempo dance funk

If you havenít heard Stan The Man Griffin sing, then you come to the right place. Click on the music section and just sit back in your chair and enjoy the smooth and controlled voice of Stan The Man Griffin, youíll be pleasantly surprised.  

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